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Frequently asked questions

Why don’t you call the Fire-Art extinguishers fire extinguishers?
A fire extinguisher shall be red and shall clearly display the instructions for use on the fire extinguisher.

Is the Fire-Art extinguisher different from an ordinary fire extinguisher?
The Fire-Art extinguisher is exactly the same as a normal fire extinguisher, but the Fire-Art extinguisher has a beautiful design.

How long can a Fire-Art extinguisher last?
A Fire-Art extinguisher has a shelf life of 10 years.

Does the Fire-Art extinguisher comply with the regulations?
Fire-Art extinguishers comply with EG 0029 and are technically produced according to EN 3-8, which applies to this type of fire extinguisher.

Can a Fire-Art extinguisher legally replace an ordinary fire extinguisher?
The Fire Art extinguishers are perfectly legal and recommended for all private use. It is as efficient as a normal fire extinguisher. Where the ordinary fire extinguisher is legally required (public buildings, companies, vehicles, etc.) the normal fire extinguisher cannot be replaced by a Fire-Art extinguisher. In those cases, the red colour is mandatory, because the fire extinguisher must be recognisable to everyone. As long as there is an ordinary fire extinguisher in these rooms, you can of course also add a Fire-Art extinguisher.

For which fires can the Fire-Art extinguisher be used?
A (Solid objects made of organic material: wood, paper, textiles, PVC, tyres, etc.)
B (Liquids or materials which may melt: oils, fats, paints, petrol, varnishes, etc.)
C (gases: propane, hydrogen, etc.).

How long is the technical guarantee on a Fire-Art extinguisher?
All Fire-Art fire extinguishers are guaranteed for 5 years.

How does this guarantee work?
If you notice that the pressure gauge is no longer in green, please send us your Fire-Art extinguisher together with the dated proof of purchase. We will check and/or repair the device and then return it to you.

What is the delivery time of a Fire-Art extinguisher?
You will receive your Fire-Art extinguisher within 5 till 8 working days if it is in stock. Depending on the transport time from The Netherlands it could be longer if it is outside Europe.
If the Fire-Art extinguisher is not in stock, you will receive a message from Fire-Art about the expected delivery time.

I have a (web) shop and would like to sell the Fire-Art extinguishers. Is that possible?
You can certainly do that, send an e-mail to info@fire-art.eu and ask for the conditions.

Can I also have my own design Fire-Art extinguisher made, for example with a company logo?
That is certainly possible, send an e-mail to info@fire-art.eu and ask for the conditions.

One more question?
If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. Send your inquiry to info@fire-art.eu